Chairman’s Welcome Address

Welcome to the 2022 San Diego Virtual Stamp Show.

We have 50 exhibits from around the world in competition for Show and Society awards. An advantage of our virtual exhibition is the ability to attract entries which would not usually be seen in an in-person US based event - from Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Americas.

Both live and virtual San Diego Stamp Shows are living laboratories. We strive to maintain relevance in the face of a changing world. Much of what we learn going forward may be applicable to the success of shows in general. We fully appreciate how our hobby, and exhibiting is evolving. Expectations and the technology to meet [or even exceed] them are a constantly moving target.

We thank the APS, ASDA, dealers and exhibitors who made the 2021 live show a success. We are fortunate in having the Poway Stamp Club with almost 100 active members as an ongoing resource and support. The Poway Stamp Club is another example for how an organization can pivot over the past 5 years with visionary leadership and the gumption to push the envelope of what is possible.

Fran Adams not only put together the printed program for the 2021 show, he stepped in to help format and load exhibits onto the web site so that the process worked for both the exhibitor and show. During this exercise, we identified several areas where tweaks improved the experience. Again, this is an evolving process which will help us going forward.

Please congratulate and thank the exhibitors who had the courage to put their faith in a relatively new exhibiting process. Virtual will not replace the in person experience, yet it can enhance the overall experience.

We look forward to ongoing collaboration with the APS, ASDA, Local Stamp Clubs, dealers, exhibitors, and visitors as we brave this new world!

With appreciation,

Mark Banchik
Sam Melamed

Show Co-Chairs