San Diego Stamp Show, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation. Its main purpose is to extend and enrich the pursuit of knowledge and enjoyment of all aspects of stamp collecting and postal history for public benefit.

Specific purposes:

(1) promote philately as a hobby to the public, with particular focus in Southern California

(2) propagate philatelic knowledge and research to the public

(3) support similar activities by other corporations or organizations in California, the United States, or the world in the dissemination of philatelic knowledge, literature, ideas, and techniques

To achieve its purposes, San Diego Stamp Show Inc. shall:

(1) promote, organize and hold public philatelic exhibitions and/or philatelic displays including the history and development of postal systems, customs and stamp duty systems, and transportation systems, as well as thematic displays covering a wide range of educational and cultural topics

(2) invite and sponsor educational displays by individuals, philatelic societies, postal administrations or other entities

(3) provide docent-led guided public tours of such philatelic exhibits or displays

(4) publish information, articles or books which propagate philatelic knowledge and research

(5) provide public meeting space for philatelic society seminars and meetings

(6) provide youth programs to teach young people history and geography, using philately as a medium

(7) extend support to other organizations promoting philately and postal history

(8) do any other activities to promote philately in a manner not inconsistent with its character as a public benefit nonprofit corporation